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EDGE and Co-Counsel Bring Lawsuit Against Popular Fast Fashion Company to Stop Deceptive Pricing Practices

Published on: June 2nd, 2023

On May 30, 2023, EDGE and Capstone Law filed a lawsuit on behalf of a California consumer against fast fashion company, Fashion Nova for violation of California consumer protection laws. As the Complaint alleges, Fashion Nova, which sells primarily through its website (, creates an illusion of savings on its website by advertising inflated strikethrough prices, and false  and misleading discounts based on those prices. Fashion Nova also uses fake countdown timers to create a false sense of urgency for consumers to make purchases.

The Complaint further describes how the Plaintiff was induced to purchase several items from Fashion Nova’s website based on her understanding that the strikethrough prices advertised reflected the regular prices of the items. In actuality, Fashion Nova did not regularly sell these items at their advertised regular prices.

“By advertising products with a discount from an artificial regular price, Fashion Nova is deceiving consumers into thinking they are getting a deal. This practice harms consumers and directly violates California consumer protection laws,” notes EDGE attorney Natasha Dandavati, who represents the plaintiff with co-counsel.

In bringing her lawsuit, the plaintiff seeks public injunctive relief to prevent future injury to shoppers on Fashion Nova’s website. Specifically, she seeks a court order requiring Fashion Nova to stop its deceptive advertising practices so that she and other consumers will not be deceived by fake discounts in the future.

The Complaint was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

In January 2022, Fashion Nova settled a similar false advertising lawsuit brought by the Federal Trade Commission for $4.2 Million. The lawsuit alleged that Fashion Nova blocked negative reviews of its products from being posted to artificially inflate the product’s average star rating and deprive consumers of relevant information.

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